Monday, October 20, 2008

Guest Blog: "I Feel Better Now!"

This is new territory for me as I've never guest 'blogged' before and since Jen is a world class writer, I'm a little out of my league... But, here goes!

To pick up where Jen left off, I arrived at the pediatric ward around 1015. Lily was happy to see me and estatic to see that Bella had made the trip as well. Unfortunately, Bella wanted nothing to do with anything and she was ready to go home- "Hi Lily, Bye Lily." Nice reunion.

Anyway, the plan was for Jen to take a break (if you can call taking a shower a break...) and then comeback mid-afternoon for the graveyard shift. We figured we'd try one last time to get Lily to the playroom since she was still refusing to get up and move around; maybe Bella would provide the added incentive. NOPE! After giving up, Jen grabbed the keys and moved toward the door, Lily realized that the mothership was on the move and protested. The witty Jen Mallory countered with, "I'm just taking Bella to the playroom, you said you didn't want to go." Lily conceded and let Mom and Bella 'go to the playroom.'

For some reason, everytime the medical staff decides to poke, prod, etc. I am always on duty. This occasion was no different. The door had literally just shut after Jen's exit and in walks the anesthesiologist to remove the epidural which has been plastered on Lily with an epoxy of saran wrap and crazy glue and has had 4 days to bond with skin. We make it through that episode and in walks the 'Life Nurse.' I think that is what she is called, but basically her role is to make people do stuff they don't want to do- therefore, giving life. Interesting concept. The redeeming quality of the Life Nurse, or Terminator, is that she immediately becomes the bad cop and I'm no longer to blame. We get Lily into pajamas and slippers and actually force her to walk to the playroom. She is doing great although walking with a urine bag is slightly sporty... We make it to the playroom, walk inside, and Lily says, "Where is Mommy and Bella?" Wow, that white lie really bit us. Fortunately, the playroom is essentially a Toys-R-Us annex and all is well as Lily dives into playing.

The last hurdle of my shift was changing the dressing on the main line (the chest IV if you hadn't heard of it before). All I can say is that the experience was less than optimal, I think they used crazy glue, super glue, and a side of plumbers putty to make sure that one stuck; but we were rewarded with another stuffed animal and that made it worth it- at least for Lily.

So, I'm back in the home trenches with Phillip, Kiera, and Bella hoping that tomorrow Lily will come home. After walking around, Lily's attitude and health improved immensely, they took the foley catheter out and Lily and I actually walked outside of the hospital for the shift change with Mom. As Jen got out of the 'cadillac of mini-vans' (sounds tougher than mini-van), Lily proclaimed, "I feel better, now!"

Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers!



Guest Blogger.

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  1. Great bloggin' Buddha!! You've been holding out on us. Thanks for the info, that was great, with the usual twist of sick Mallory humor - we love it. A big hug to you ALL! No more owies Lily!
    Noonans of TN


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