Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Hair

So this morning I walked the kids to school and then walked over to the local Fantastic Sam's and got a quick hack job. I did have a picture I took in and what I walked out with looked nothing like it. I've seen this stylist before and she was very attentive and did a good job, so either the haircut just doesn't suit me or she was distracted. It's short. Not Buddha short. not yet. If I keep snipping at it, that might be my only resolve. But here's the thing- it'll grow back. No it's not the best look for me- I can't say it either plays up or down my round face- it is just blah. Did I sit in the bathroom and cry like when I was 5 and swore I wanted short hair and my mother delivered a cute Dorothy Hamill style- nope. I grab a pair of scissors and fix the parts I don't like to the best of my ability and deal with the more important issues at hand. Like groceries and snuggling with the girls, who just seem to need it today. Do I cringe every time I walk by the mirror- sure ,but I can't say that's the hairdo's fault, entirely.

How is this about Lily you ask? Well, in my infinite wisdom, I thought if I cut my hair off, she would be willing to get a haircut and the next hospital stay would be less painful in that aspect. We were plagued with a matting problem that just can't be resolved without a good soak and aprroximately 3 conditioners. Also we decided last night that we will do the chemotherapy. It's still scary as hell and I've decided that immersing myself in all that could go wrong is not necessarily the best approach. We have got to focus on all that's going to go right.
I walk in the house and she smiles at me and says- 'I want little hair too.' Bingo. Not little hair like mine mind you- but like Phillip's she says. I hope this doesn't end in a fit because I'm not sure I'm up for the annhialation of her self image quite yet. Lily is known state wide for her curls which perfectly fit her personality. We get to the kiddie salon, she hops up in the taxi cab chair and politely tells the stylist, 'I would like little hair please.' I explain why we need shorter hair and the girl is a gem, she tells how every month they head down to the children's hospital and cut the kids' hair. She takes about an inch and a half of curls off all the way around, and quietly puts some in an envelope for me. The entire time Lily is batting her eyelashes at her mirror image, make faces and giggling. When we're done she picks out a cute crochet beanie hat , which will come in handy later and proudly exclaims 'I like my little hair". It looks exactly like it did a year ago. I still don't like MY little hair, but it's gonna be easier to maintain in the next few months and that's the important thing.


  1. Jen,
    You never cease to amaze me!! What a wonderful mom you are. I love your "Little Hair". You have picked exactly what Lily needed.
    I also remember a time when each of you had "little hair". I couldn't love either of you more with "BIG" or "LITTLE Hair". XXOOXXOO Mom

  2. Rick likes your little hair Jen!
    Kellie does too.

  3. Love your new hairstyle!
    Uncle Dick

  4. way to go mom....that's great
    This is Magoo's Auntie Sharon following Lily as MSSM. I love her too.


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)