Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tiggerrrrrific !

Ironically enough......Today was the big Halloween parade at pre-school. Lily has been telling everyone from grandmas, to mailmen, to the entire medical staff at TAMC that she is going to be a purple fairy for Halloween. It started back in August or September when the costumes first appeared in stores. When you live on an island, that's what you do- shop months ahead of time- if you want it, you grab it. Lily found a purple fairy dress and purple wings to match. She was allowed to wear it around the house when we got home, then it was put into hiding until the big event. She wanted to put on her purple fairy dress for the past 2 parties we went to, but neither one was a costume party, so I have been telling her to wait for the preschool parade. Today was the day.

I rummage through my closet trying to find her costume. I lay it on the bed and hop into the shower. She and Bella are downstairs catching today's episode of Dora. I am half way through shampooing( which is step 1) when I hear the screaming " My puuuurpoh Fairwey! I want it on I want it on!" She wrangles it on, runs downstairs, comes back and is hopping up and down "I don't want to wear my purpoh fairwey. I DON'T LIKE IT!" That's what I get for planning ahead. My neighbor waits until the last possible second to make her daughter's costume because her mind changes from day to day. I see why. I hop out of the shower, wrap a towel on and we begin to have a discussion about what is wrong with the purple fairy. After 10 minutes of questions, all I could gather was that she did not like it. So we go through the dress up trunk...nope, no, uh-uh. don't want it. They dress up ALL the time, there has got to be something. I have, in storage, Phillip's old tigger costume that fit her 2 years ago. It's a long shot, but we bumble out to the garage and I open the container marked "masks, misc." She sees the Tigger costume and starts bouncing, flouncing, trouncing, pouncing, fun fun fun fun fun! As I pull it out, she spots the Pooh costume I got for her 2 years ago, but it didn't fit and we had to resort to Tigger. 'MOM! Pooh can be POOH! Oh bother, why didn't I think of THAT!!?!

Apparently 3 year olds change their minds a lot, as no one asked what happened to the purple fairy. That or Tigger was such a perfect fit, no one could remember otherwise. It was a bit of a stretch, the costume. It barely comes to her knees. Fortunately, I made it for Phillip 6 years ago(has it really been that long??) who is also known as torso-boy,Pancreas boy's mild mannered alter ego. One of her friend's mom says that she has a Pooh costume that would fit Lily perfectly( as opposed to the high-water Tigger get-up?). We acquire it after school and She's been wearing Pooh since we got home. I have a feeling we won't know until tomorrow what she'll be trick-or-treating in. Phil chastised me for not considering the miniature flight suit or darth vader from Phillip's closet. At least we have more options for tomorrow.

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)