Friday, November 21, 2008

Lily's Home

I know you may find this hard to believe- but after cleaning up the last round of puke, I'm finding it hard to get back to sleep. Based on her writhing around- another one's coming soon.

So Phil brought me breakfast/lunch at the hospital around noon yesterday. I was exhausted. Lily had to fit in doses of Mitotane last night(which is technically 2 nights ago since it is now Friday...) since the suture removal required sedation and then by the time we get settled back in the room we are way off schedule. As I've mentioned before, waking up Lily is a treat. Although after another session yesterday with Julie- Lily actually took 2 doses of medicine completely by herself with minimal puking. I let Phil do the discharge dance with Lily while Bella and I ran to Walmart to get some things for home care and came home. My mom called in a cleaner and the carpets looked really good. I take the laundry from the hospital into the wash room, get it started and am working on getting Lily's space on the couch set up as Bella is crunching rainbow goldfish and flinging them around the kitchen. She is put outside to play like the puppy she is, I clean up the mess- she's back- in need of a pull-up change. I tell her she really needs to put that in the potty. I grab a quick shower and as I get out- I hear Bella running up the stairs- Mommy- I did it! She runs into the room and I bend down as she throws her little arms around my neck, her sweet little arms that smell like poo...WHAT did you do? It's not that I don't know the answer- I just need clues as to where so I can go get it cleaned up- I toss her in the shower- clean off my neck which I know I will be smelling for the rest of the day- whether or not it is gone and head downstairs- carefully to investigate the matter. One little smudge on the freshly cleaned carpet by the kitchen- that means there's an invisible trail....ugh...what looks like an attempt to clean up poo in the kitchen. Smudges on the floor- 25 wipes in the trash can- I grab the bleach and give the entire kitchen floor a good spritz and tackle the spot on the carpet. I ask the source of stinkiness where else there might be poop and with her sweet little voice- she says " I did it! Pooped in the Potty!" and then she does this proud little jig. Off to the bathroom. I won't get into the nitty gritty details- but the event happened in the kitchen and was carried to the potty. I DID tell her she needed to put it in the potty. I think she may have attempted to wash her hands or at least tried to wipe them off on every surface she encountered. This is why bleach is my friend. I spritz the bathroom down and return to the kitchen to mop- and finally get the mess contained when Phil calls. They're on their way. It's 5 ish and I am about to ponder dinner when I get the call back- Lily just puked all over and by the time he could pull over she was asleep. Just come home- she'll be ok. I'm not so sure about Phil though- sitting in a camry with no AC(still 80 degrees and beautiful- not that we get to enjoy it much and definitely not under these circumstances), in rush hour traffic marinating in the eu du chemo. I run her a bath in the kitchen sink- the best place to get her clean without soaking her still-accessed port. A new little Dora figurine(Thanks mom) just arrived in the mail, so I unwrapped it and set it by the sink. I then gather all the materials Phil will need to clean the car. Apparently the stench got to her and she woke up and threw up again. They make it home and she immediately grabs her new Dora friend and I get her cleaned up and show her her spot on the couch. She sucks down cherry Kool-aid and asks for some rainbow goldfish. All I can say is that the next round of vomit was very brightly colored. As Bella sits and crunches goldfish into the counter. What is her deal? I manage to get everyone fed and it's time for Lily to take anti nausea medicine. This is a tab that dissolves on her tongue(Thanks Jaim) and it works great- if only all meds could be as easy. She starts to perk up and is playing with Phillip and Kiera- showing them all her new treasures and beads. She is getting tired. She has significant circles under her eyes and just looks pekid. She asks to go to bed. We have to give one more med. The mitotane, the one that will kill her adrenal cells. We have to crush it up and put it in something- she asks for banila pudding. I am impressed, Julie must have worked wonders this afternoon- Phil hands her the cup and the spoon and she starts eating it. Much better than the previous sessions of me holding her down. Her eyes get big- don't do it! Just swallow- don't think. And out it comes. She literally projectile vomited all over the side of Phil. He throws a towel on the floor- grabs another pill and starts crushing it up. Peanut butter is the vehicle of choice this time and this time she makes it through. I get her tucked in we read 2 new books( thanks Gina and everyone!) , arrange childcare for tomorrow(today) and soak in a hot tub for about 5 minutes before I crash. It's amazing how after a few nights of less than an hour of sleep between wake-ups how refreshed one can feel after 5 hours. Unfortunately it's temporary. I better try to get a few more winks before the day has to start. Today we have the last round of this cycle.....yeah. We go to the hospital for it and should be home this afternoon. Then this weekend we have to start shots at home- THAT is gonna be a barrel of laughs. Literally a 2-3 man job.

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  1. Honey, You can do this!! You are the best Mom in the world!! Sometimes it is a moment at a time. Each moment is precious. Extra hugs to everyone.
    Love, Mom


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)