Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lyin Low.

Lily and I just hung out yesterday. She can leave the room to go for walks, but has to wear a mask. She spent the first trip touching everything disgusting and then reaching up under her mask to try and scratch her nose or suck her thumb. Note to self: pack pocket sized sanitizer for walks. The mask became easier to take when she committed Pooh to the same discomfort. Julie came in to periodically check on us and supply her with special sanitized toys from the playroom for our in-room enjoyment. We got a shoebox rubbermaid filled with miniature dollhouse furniture and a few dolls that matched our family dynamic. Here's how Lily views our family: Daddy goes to works when he comes home he tosses her and Bella in the air, Phillip does homeworks and watches TV, Bella takes naps, Kiera goes to the parks and Lily plays with mommy. Not bad- I figured she'd make my doll run around and scream- so I guess I'm doing OK. That or Lily is waaay smarter than we even give her credit for and she was being nice since I was right there. The pluralization is not an accident - that's how she talks. It's very cutes.

Phil came to the hospital after works and did not throw lily into the air. Given her low blood counts that would have been bad. She was sleeping and I decided it was best to sneak out before she woke up- that way she could wake up happy to see dad and not go through the separation anxiety of watching me leave. After talking with her doctor yesterday I was given the impression that this stay could be a long one. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Her counts have to be up in normal range, no fever for 24 hours, and no signs of infection. Her counts are getting lower still, the bottom(or nadir as the professional types call it..) is yet to come and it could take days to weeks to recover. Ugh. Phil was supposed to work again today but fortunately his family there is doing for him what he does for me- taking over when they can. He was planning on working and we had child care covered, but it is so much easier now(Thanks guys!) It's really tough because we know it's gonna be a long journey and we don't want to call in all our favors when we could really need them down the road. They were nice enough to take it out of his hands. He also is unable to give work his normal 110%-although I know he tries- since I am requiring an extra 200% at home(we can do the math later... I 've been told doing it(math) in public never works out well.) There is a very high potential for burnout on all fronts. Although after this morning's pukefest by Lily- he may wish he was back at work....we'll swap out again this afternoon.


  1. Jen and Phil,
    You and the kids are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Lily is such a sweetie. She is so strong I know she will get through this. I also know she gets her strength from you. Hugs for everyone. Love, Mom (and Grandma)

  2. Jen and Phil,
    I wish there was a way to give you all the energy you will need to get through the next year! You are all constantly in our thoughts and prayers.


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)