Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Second Surgery...

Mom (Jen) is at the hospital staying the night with Lily- who is doing great!

The day started off with a 0425 wake-up, which by the way, thanks to my OCD and the triple redundant alarm clock system, we actually made. Lily is extremely bright, and she knew the score as soon as we got her out of bed, "I don't want any owies..." I guess having our bags packed and the car running gave it away. We got to the hospital on time and were in the pre-op waiting area by about 0720. We told her not to worry, she would be asleep, and the owie would be a little less owie-licious this time around. She is an absolute trooper, she went to sleep at about 0730 and was drinking chocolate milk at 1030! and then she had ice cream, candy, jello, corn, some more ice cream and some water in between sips of Dr. Pepper to balance it all out.

The Dr. was able to excise the remaining portions of the 'growth' and created what we hope is a very clean margin. She didn't have to take much muscle at all, but did have to take a little of the achilles tendon which may mean crutches and limited mobility for awhile depending on what the people from physical therapy say. Lily was definitely reluctant to put any weight on it as one would expect, but this was clearly a much better experience than major abdominal surgery. The port that the Dr. installed left some pretty good bruising from her right clavicle down to her chest- Lily officially disapproves of this addition to her body. The access point, although beneath the skin, sticks out about an inch or so.

So, tomorrow we will meet with Lily's oncologist and set up the chemo, sign all of the necessary paperwork and begin the real journey. The first dose should happen next Friday as long as Lily's leg is recovering well enough; it sounds like we'll be on the chemo profile for about a year- More to follow. Additionally, Lily will most likely sleep in her own bed tomorrow night (Friday).
Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Lily!


  1. What a trooper! So happy to hear everything went well!
    Love, Bean and Ross

  2. We are so happy that it went so well! Love the post-op diet :> Go Lily! Jen and Phil, take care of each other! Love, The Colberts


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)