Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Last night Bella fell asleep on the way home from baseball. That's right, you heard it- baseball has started again for Phillip. If he didn't love it, we'd soooooo be over it. But he loves it, so we put up with it. I put Bella to bed and then stayed up with Phillip until 10 trying to get his homework done. I finally called it quits and sent us both to bed. Bella joined me before midnight and said her belly hurt. While writhing around, she rolled off Phil's side of the bed. I guess she was expecting her daddy bumper to catch her. She lets out a big "owie" and climbs back into bed with me, on the other side. A little while later- THUMP! and Bella is off the other side of the bed onto the floor, this time she gives up and stays there. We all get moving about 7. My cough kept me up through the night and now my throat aches- I imagine this is why the girls have been so cranky- this stinks. The kids are ready for school despite my inability to do more than whisper at them, I have one foot out the door and Bella starts coughing and proceeds to puke all down the front of us. Nice. This totally rules out "us" visiting Lily. I was hoping to give Phil a little break today. Fortunately most moms struggle getting their kids out the door and I only had to make 1 call to get the kids a ride to school. I get the buckets and towels handy, the wash going, all in case this is not an isolated incident. It is not. Unfortunately Bella refuses to use any of the 3 buckets laying around "Dat LILyyyy's!!" as she proceeds to puke in her lap. That's dedication- puke all over oneself as opposed to using sister's (always rinsed and bleached) puke buckets. As Phil pointed out- Last time he checked EVERYTHING was Bella's so he didn't see what the issue was. Fortunately I had a different variety of bucket that Lily had rejected as too big that Bella felt she could use. Those who know Bella, know that she is 2. She acts like a 2 year old. If she wants it, it's hers- if she touched it, it's hers- if she doesn't want you to have it, it's hers. Bella is also known for not wearing clothing, that being said- those who know Bella, know that her rear left cheek is frequently hanging out. That is to say- it is always hanging out and if you don't see it, you're being a grown up and looking away or you've caught her on the rare occasion she is wearing clothing- well this morning the RIGHT cheek was hanging out. It's like a sign of the apocalypse- a mere symptom of an underlying disease- all was not well in Bella's world.

I then get the call from Phil- Lily is doing Ok, but they could really use some more pull-ups. I had figured I'd be back today and was going to take more- but with pukey pants- I had written it off. Bella had a 2 hour nap, woke up and declared she wanted crackers(cheezits) and cweem(ice cream). I gave it a go and after a bite of ice cream, she declined it but ate 2 helpings of cheez it's without any reappearing. Good- we can take Lily some pull ups and daddy some lunch. Bella crashes in the car and wakes up in time to see daddy in the loading loop in front of the hospital( we can have no contact with Lily in our current state today)- "I want daddy!" The look of happiness on Phil's face(one does not hear this out of Bella much) followed by the comment "She REALLY isn't feeling well is she?" Add it to my resume- Dinner and Diapers with Drive-thru ease...

They are again talking about transfusing- I'm not holding my breath anymore. Day to day- unfortunately it's Lily's hemoglobin that's low and that doesn't tend to bounce back at the same rate as white blood cells-but apparently it comes from a reliable source. The news not the blood. Well I'm positive the blood comes from a reliable source too. I guess they even get specially treated blood for cancer/neutrapenic type patients. oh yeah. (insert sarcastic tone now)

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)