Friday, January 16, 2009

"Severe" Weather

So yesterday evening, around dinner time, they cancelled school. All of those years I lay in bed praying for a snow day. The years in college that I missed class because my car was buried under 3 feet of snow and schools were still on. Trying to get to class in hail and sleet. Driving carefully and sometimes sledding on black ice. Phil tells stories of the Academy when the terrazzo was slick, covered in ice and the winds were so high- they opened their jackets like sails and caught a ride to class. Had I known, we just needed to move to Hawaii. Where Wednesdays are always short days. Still haven't figured that one out and every haole mom here has a story of forgetting to get the kids on Wednesday. It's a good thing Phillip and Kiera are now in after school care because I rarely know what day it is much less what time. And apparently when the wind blows, they cancel school. Really? I don't know why the education system here is decades behind. I feel bad for all of you bundling up your children in subzero temperatures and braving real elements....

So later on, if my house blows away- I will eat my words- but IF it blows away- technically shouldn't the school structure be a sound shelter? Right now there is a breeze. Last night we plugged in the IV and feeding pumps to make sure they were charged- charged the DS's and DVD players- because lets face it- if the power does go out, I don't have the energy to help them put on plays and such like we did when there was the earthquake and the power was out all day.

All I know is that I've refereed about 6 fights so far- Lily threw up because she was being chased by Phillip who always complains about getting up at 0715 was up BY 0700 chasing LILY! And it now is a 4 day weekend. And we can't go out and do anything because Lily is borderline neutropenic. And unlike the wind right now, THAT blows. I think we are gonna do spring cleaning, early. Nothing gets the kids to hide in their rooms like announcing 'we're having cleaning day! '

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  1. I will direct some of my prayers tonight to helping you all have a stress-free, fight-free weekend! (And of course that your house doesn't blow away! Ha, Ha!) Thanks for keeping us so informed. I am amazed on a daily basis by how strong you are!


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