Sunday, March 22, 2009


My house looks like a tornado hit it. My kids are acting like it's ultimate cage fighting III. The weather is glorious and my yard needs help. Procrastinate much?

So, I joined facebook this morning. Apparently it's THE thing to do. Not that I generally like to be found or jump off the bridge when everyone else does- but maybe it will cut down on the repeated urgings of all you addicts who need to boost their friend counts- you know who you are......

We are almost into the home's scary-I'm always waiting for the next big hurdle....not that it has been smooth's just been a little more manageable lately- no extra hospitalizations, well if you discount transfusions- I would hate to jinx it by carrying on. Next Monday begins treatment 7/8. We had a discussion in clinic regarding the accessing procedure on the ward. The policy is now that all procedures be done in the treatment room. Generally they do the accessing in Lily's room after admission because they have learned that it's easier than dragging her kicking and screaming into the treatment room- only once or twice have they done it in the treatment room up there. The treatment room freaks her out. I understand that it is a "better" environment for painful procedures- but Lily's initial access was done in the hospital room and the second one, done in the treatment room required 2 pokes- the rest have been in the bed in her room...she is a creature of routine and it stinks that we have to change it for the last 2 admissions. I could argue for the sake of arguing, but I figure we will cross that hurdle when we get there. It may work itself out depending on what time we get there and who is on duty....

Does homeowners insurance cover tornados named Bella? Or cover damages incurred from cage fighting? Is cage fighting to the death....oh blast it I better go........


  1. Welcome to Facebook, it's addicting, but now is a crappy time to join because the new layout is annoying. :) Happy belated birthday and congrats on being near the end of treatment! Still praying for you all regularly and am so happy that things have seemed manageable lately. You all look great! Blessings,

  2. Jen,,

    Happy 33rd Birthday,,I had no idea. It is so wonderful to see a picture of you and your beautiful children on your blog! You know I've never really seen a picture of you before, so now I will know what you look like when I meet you some day. I am so glad your family is doing well and Lily is just trucking along! Happy Birthday Jen,
    Warmest wishes, Tracy Heiman from Boulder

  3. What a beautiful picture! Everyone looks so great and happy. Is that a hospital bracelet on Phillip?


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)