Friday, March 13, 2009

Just keep stirring, just keep stirring......

The girls and I started the day by making Lily's cakes. Since we never know if she will feel like chocolate or vanilla, we did both. Bella was allowed (by Lily) to help. One of the many many reasons my cakes end up looking better than they taste...the kids help mix. Would anyone care for cake with their sprinkles????

We had a late morning treatment for Lil combined with and early afternoon appointment for me....and shabow you have a another funfilled day at Tripler. Traffic was light, there was an open parking space- what was this nonsense about Friday the 13th being unlucky??? Lily decides she would like to walk into the hospital. Instead of walking, she runs. On the asphalt parking lot. In slippers. After 4 days of chemo, with wobbly legs and balance issues. She falls. She is screaming. Phil says Lily usually leaves a big footprint wherever she goes- today she left a handprint. Literally a chunk of her palm is missing. I grab the wipes and start removing debris. She doesn't even notice the scrape on her knee- so it must really hurt. The whole way into clinic she is saying over and over "I sorry I run in the street" and she tells everyone who asks that she "fell in the street" which through sobs sounds a lot like she feels hungry and nurses keep coming in with cookies, twix bars, anything that might help the cancer patient who apparently they think is starving. Nurse Teresa makes a special wrap to cover it, and that pretty much looks like a cast. The doc keeps trying to get her to wiggle her fingers and flex her wrist- she refuses. Everytime they leave the room we try to get her to do it- otherwise we get another free pass to radiology. Man she's stubborn. After treatment is finished, she gets one more chance- she refuses- so we're off to get an xray. Fortunately my appointment is in radiology as well- one less trip around the labyrinth.

Miss Florence told Lily they are going to take a picture of her hand "like this, like this, like this and like this" 4 different angles of the hand. After the 3rd xray they tell Lily, OK that's all we need. Lily says "what about this one?" And holds her flat with her palm up. Nope we're good. SO the whole way back to clinic- they didn't take a picture like this? Why didn't they take a picture like this- to every person she sees. As it turns out- she's not broken and neither am I- at least the 2 parts we looked at today anyways. But we may never truly know as they did not take the picture "like this".

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)