Friday, May 29, 2009

Beyond Thunderdoom.

We walked over to Lily's friend Maggie's house the other day. 2 of her old buds from preschool are getting ready to move, so we wanted to say goodbye. Lily and Bella took turns riding a bike and I had the stroller as a back-up. I've done this before and gotten burned- pushing two kids on bikes for a half mile is murder on your back. We had a nice visit and as we stepped out the door, it starts to pour. Normally, I would just walk home in the rain- but my friend had a big ol suburban- so we caught a lift. It's probably just as well- Bella ended up with sniffles by the time we got home.

I also noticed Lily had trouble listening(hearing) me while she was riding her bike. A BIG problem safety wise- so I put a call in to the audiologist. Last word was that they would call when the hearing aids came in. That means if I don't call, we may never hear back. I have called a couple of times, but never reached a human. I have very little faith in messages being returned- but I left a message yesterday. Lo and behold, in the afternoon I get a call from the scheduler who would like to schedule an appointment for Lily today at 3 pm. Man I should have left a message weeks ago. Of course there was no knowledge of a message- so we have to chalk it up to one major flippin coincidence....and I'm pretty sure everyone cuts out as early as possible on Fridays- but whatever. The point is we are going to get Lily hearing better.

We had a talk about helping her hear and she keeps telling me she hears fine. Of course when I point out how loud we have to make the tv - she just giggles. I am really excited to see if this helps. I think it might remove a lot of her frustration,and mine. They will probably take some getting used to- and we all know Lily isn't great with change- but it's all gonna work out. And once I again I have to be extremely grateful for our military health coverage- because these puppies are crazy expensive. I started looking online just out of curiousity and wow!

Phil leaves today for his 1st TDY since Lily's diagnosis. I'd have to say my anxiety levels have been pretty high regarding this trip. Usually when he goes- it's tough not having a break, but I get the kids on a good schedule, at night I put them to bed and either do things around the house, scrapbook, read or just take a bath. Previously, we have had some pretty bad luck with kids getting hurt while he's gone. I am trying to be positive, but part of me hopes that if I expect the worst- then Murphy will prove me wrong and terrorize someone else who might be in a better place to deal with his shit- cuz I'm pretty much still over it. I am not exactly sure how long it will take me to recover from the past few months. I know a lot of people never recover. I don't feel impending doom most of the time now.

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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