Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday, Spongy Sunday

Dare I say things have been going Ok? Despite Bella, again getting a hold of the scissors and chopping off a few more of her beautiful strawberry blonde locks(I'm starting a collection to make her a wig) and Bella getting a hold of markers and coloring everywhere(Thank God for magic eraser), and Bella taking all of her clothes out of the closet(they're still on the floor- why bother- she'll just take them down again- and WHY is she still naked?)- We haven't been up to much.

Phil took the 2 littlest monkeys to the waterpark - which is now a wet n wild- so they got to see spongebob! Lily's a fan. If you couldn't tell by the smile. I imagine that Bella was literally attached to Phil while he was trying to take a picture- brave move to bring out the camera phone at the waterpark while holding a wild Bella- but apparently worth the risk as opposed to coming home and me saying- you didn't get a picture????? That's my bud! Well played.

Phillip and Kiera ditched us for their respective friends. I kinda like this age- they can do things for themselves(if given detailed instructions), they only want to be around you sometimes(usually when you are swamped) and they love going out with friends(which gives me this rare thing called "alone time") It's this amazing period of time where no one is asking you for anything and there is no one in your personal space. I keep feeling like I am forgetting something though. Kinda like when I go someplace with less than 4 kids- 1,2,3..where's?..oh yeah he's at a friend's house. The mini stress moments keep me alert and the hair dye companies in business.

Lily goes in Tuesday for routine bloodwork and she gets to have a photo shoot with one of the volunteer dogs for their annual fundraiser calendar. She and her lil bud Adam are good friends with a yellow lab named Indy(short for Indiana Jones). He's a sweet dog with some really fun tricks. He would come visit Lily when she was in the hospital and always cheered us all up!
Adam's mom had us over for some yummy BBQ last night and it was hysterical to watch the lil baldies play while we got a chance to compare chemo notes in a social setting. It really is a crazy bond that brings us together. He is a year and a half and has neuroblastoma which is treated very similarly to Lily's cancer- and incidentally they think his originated on his adrenal gland. So His mom is pretty well read on adrenal cancer, which you don't see every day. He is another amazing little personality with these great big blue eyes. He kept sneaking the girls' food, and Lily finally took to feeding him to control her dessert theft.

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  1. Holy jamole,,, SPONGE BOB live,
    I can't wait to show Klaus. I'm glad you are all well.

    Tracy in the big apple


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)