Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We saw multiple hurricanes in our years in the Florida panhandle. Kiera used to call them Burgercangs. She now calls them hurricanes and Phil and I still call them Burgerkangs. I get a good idea on how much prep I need to do based on what they do with the jets. If the jets leave, it's gonna be big enough to worry. The jets are still here. With the exception of the contingent still in Singapore- stuck due to the typhoons in that region. SO we picked up the backyard, yeah it takes a major storm to inspire that and got some extra food and water from the store. I learned in Florida just to keep a big thing of water and a Hurricane kit up in a closet- so there isn't really anything big to run around and look for.

I was folding laundry yesterday and Bella came and sat on a freshly folded pile, I really don't know why I bother. If you see me and my shirt looks like it's been crumpled under a heap- you will know I have finally given up on the cause. "It's gonna wain momma". Yeah probably tomorrow sweetie. "And wind is gonna blow." Ok. "I'm gonna be scary" It'll be fine Bell. That's her way of letting you know she'll be scared. She's nice enough to warn us when she's gonna be scary. You know she's scared when you hear the shrill scream. "Ok, love you too momma" and she ran off leaving a trail of clothes behind her.

Kiera was like a broken record- we need to watch the news. My teacher said. Mind you it's sunny and apart from 3 more clouds than usual- there is no hint of the storm coming. We took bets last night as to when they would cancel school. Phil and I recounted the number of times we waited for school to be cancelled with like 3 feet of snow on the ground and we still had to go. He's usually good at adding- and it was both ways up hill, in snow shoes. He's sooo my lobster. But the storm slowed to a tropical depression- so now it won't hit until later Tuesday. We still had to watch the news this morning with Kiera to make sure school wasn't closed. Again, sun was shining brilliantly even though there were some dubious clouds to the east- I wouldn't go as far as to call them threatening. I walked them to school. It's still sunny, Phil's capitalizing on a little extra surf and then he is going to take Lily to her Ultrasound while I go to the library and get the kids from school. The ultrasound is to double check her abdomen. We don't expect to see anything.

I'll let you know how the storm pans out. I was thinking this morning abut storm chasers. They had the hurricane trackers on the news. It made me think of the different types of people in hurricane prep terms. You have the chasers- who go flying into the storm to see how bad it is and see the damage first hand-they are in the action but merely observers. They let everyone know exactly how bad the storm will be, so they can prepare. After the damage is done they don't stick around, they are off chasing the next storm. Then you have the evacuees- people who see the storm coming and get outta dodge. They will come back eventually to pick up the pieces, that is of course if there are pieces to pick up. They will be safe. And then there are those who batten down the hatches, look the storm in the eye, some loyal, some reckless- all determined. They will be the first on hand to help clean up the aftermath. Of course there are always those who close their eyes real tight and keep saying "there is no storm, there is no storm". Just a thought. Jack Handey would be so proud.

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  1. Buddha is proud! You are my lobster!


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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