Monday, September 28, 2009

Medically Speaking....

I wish I could get organized. I figure if I ever get organized or finally accept the chaos as my own, I will be moments from death- so for now I go with the flow and try to find balance.

I have gotten the kids caught up in school, (not too tough considering of the 10 school days they missed- they only missed 5 days of school) celebrated Phillip's birthday and planned my first homeschool preschool lesson. One of my neighbors, a friend and I have decided to attempt our own little co-op of preschool once a week. We alternate weeks. I decided to throw Bella into the mix so I get 2 days a month. Not seemingly a big deal. On the cusp of what I refer to as standard Hawaii School Board idiocy- I am feeling fairly animositastic towards the school system. You can tell my level of annoyance by number of words I make up. You get what you pay for and unfortunately for students in Hawaii- that's 3.5 days a week of school. The teachers have been furloughed for most Fridays to meet the budget. Great plan. How bout we furlough teacher meeting wednesdays? Time to triage. How bout we furlough all the school related BS that's not directly related to providing children this thing called an education? Hard to plan the swim forward when you don't have the strength to tread water.

I have already come to terms with the fact that I have to supplement my children's education at home if I hope for their education to meet my expectations. It's that or get a really good job to put 4 in private education. But I'm a proponent of- if you want it done right- do it yourself. I don't want it done right enough that I undertake ALL of their education. That's sheer insanity. Plus, With a rare exception, the kids have been lucky with their teachers- which allows my to overlook the administrative corpses that stink up the building. The Hawaii School board birthed a mentally and physically challenged school system and left it in the corner to drool while teachers, parents, and students gently sneak it food and hugs- trying to keep it alive. I think many schools across the nation face the same treatment.

As is the nature of the world. There are those who chose to turn their back on the child, saying it is a substandard specimen. Instead they purchase an education, because they have the resources- or find the resources by sacrificing other luxuries. Like everything, education is a luxury paid for by the desire to learn. You can accept a handout, but you must realize- it will not be a 2 or even 3 course meal. There are those who accept what is given and are grateful for even that, aware than in many places a mere slice of bread is considered a hearty meal. Some bring a little meat, others share their cheese and before you know it- the meal has been transformed. It may not be a Monte Cristo- but that really is just a sandwhich soaked in fat and fried. You feed that to the child in the corner, and it will get sick. Some don't have the money to buy meat or cheese, but offer to take the time to feed the child, that time is all they can spare. Those providing the meat and cheese are grateful, for they don't have that time to spare. It takes a village. Sometimes access to the child is blocked or becomes difficult. It is during these times that is we work together for what is right- the child isn't left to starve in the corner because it's parents are self centered fools.

Along the same lines we have this healthcare hubbaloopitydoo. I don't know enough to spew a nicely thought out metaphor, analogy or opinion. So I won't. I will say though, that I have been asked by 2 different departments within the hospital to speak with their residents about how to treat patients and what patient expectations are. I have said before- general care within the military realm is mediocre. Once you get into the specialized care circle- it's a whole different world. If you don't like conveyor belt health care- I suggest you get really diagnostically ill- generally a life threatening but not terminal condition and you will get the best care. Triage. If you do something insane like bruise your pancreas- you will see a constant flow of specialists and curious onlookers - which will provide you the audience who can diagnose the underlying problems. Don't think that universal healthcare will be any different. You want to pack up and go see the BEST- that's fine, but you will be paying for it-privately. You want to try your luck with Dr. Schmo - who is perfectly qualified and way over tasked- you will be just fine- but don't expect that extra warm feely because he just won't have the time. There will be up sides. But the grass is ALWAYS greener. That won't change. Until a little more common sense prevails...there will be BIG problems. You can't have everything and pay for nothing. If you get everything and paid nothing- it was given by someone else who makes the rules. You either follow their rules or make your own money to buy your own stuff and then you get to make the rules. Kinda like being a parent. You can teach a child to fish- but as long as they are fishing in your pond- it's your fish. You can give them all the fish they catch- but then why would they bother to go fish anywhere else? Ahhh welfare.

I don't know the answers. I don't think any one thing will fix these problems. I don't thing that any one thing is THE solution. You definitley can NOT please everyone. I don't know how many old adages I can squeak in. I do know that some of the greatest minds are trying to work it out, even if it means that nothing is getting done. I do know that if the current system isn't working, it's better to try and find something that will work. If at first you don't succeed...right?

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