Thursday, August 5, 2010

Port Removal

Almost 2 years ago, with her second surgery, Lily received a Port a Cath for her chemo treatments and bloodwork.  The accessing of said port reduced many of us to tears on multiple occasions. Several occasions involved kicking. At the time I remembered telling Florence that by the time we get this accessing thing down- it would be time for the port to come out. She said, that's not such a bad thing. And here we are.

The removal was set for Friday, but Phil got a call yesterday from Doctor Edwards with a proposition- if we could come in today(Thursday) the procedure could be done in the pediatric sedation center treatment room and spare us the 3-4 hour general surgery admissions process. Sold- I said. 

So not only did we not have to get up at O dark thirty- the whole process was streamlined, which I have acquired a great, great appreciation for. I decided not to tell Lily about the schedule change until this morning, since she's shown quite a bit of trepidation about the whole event. Who can blame her? Just about everything to do with the darn thing involved some sort of owie. So last night after she was in bed, I let Phillip and Kiera know we were leaving early in the morning, Lily and I to the hospital- them to Monica's house for waffles and then to school. Bright and early this morning, I was fresh out of the shower when Lily meanders in sleepily demanding to know where her father is. I explain he is at work and take a deep breath for her panic when I tell her we have to go to the hospital today. She beats me to the punch,

"But daddy has to take me to get my port out, he can't be at work. " Hmmm. Maybe she has her days confused. I explain that the doctor called yesterday and we have to go in early- but the good news is that daddy will be home tomorrow and they can do something fun. That appeases her and as she is leaving, Bella comes in chatting on my phone. She is explaining to whoever is on the other line that Lily has to get her port out and she and Phillip and Kiera are going to Monica's for waffles.  I wonder who spilled the beans as Kiera- my little soicalite wanders in, completely dressed- ready to go. I think I have an idea of where the legumes got their nudge. 

We arrive to the sedation center and Lily is nervous. I don't know if it's the extra hydrocortisone she required to deal with the stress of surgery or just jitters but she is acting goofy. Wendy- one of our favorite child life specialists is entertaining her while I complete the paperwork. Within the hour, she is prepped and being wheeled into the treatment room.

The procedure was quick and Lily's wake up was a little rocky, but an improvement. Dr. Edwards let us keep Lily's port for show and tell.  Lily was generally pissed off that it was removed and disagreed with the usage of a see through bandaid(dermabond). She demanded her old skin back. A call to dad at work improved her disposition and soon we got to leave. As always, Lily got to pick the lunch- this time she surprised me with Subway- I thought for sure we would be having panda bear.  As a treat for this monumental occasion, she got to pick a treat from the shoppette and she found a great necklace- a dolphin jumping through a lei.

As always, I am moved by the toughness and resilience of kids. The child will spend hours refusing to wear pants and within an hour of a surgical procedure be skipping down the hall in wedge heels. That wardrobe choice was completely missed by me this morning and I am grateful no ankles were injured in today's production. All in all, it feels a bit strange but really good that this little piece of plastic is no longer a part of my child.  We're not sure yet if we are going to frame it or bury it under the tree in the back yard though- in any case it will definitely have to wait until after her first show and tell in Kindergarten!


  1. Yay!!! I am so moved by your experiences and writing. Thank you for sharing Jen.

  2. Hi Jen and Monkey #3,

    Wonderful news,, just wonderful. Another milestone met.

    Congrats for you all. Your grace as parents always humbles me.

    Thank you sharing this moving news...



Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)