Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm allergic to Tripler

The evening of the port installation, Phil performed a routine wound check. I hate that this is even a thing in our house. We have site checks, blood sugar checks, hormone checks, medicine checks. Checklists keep us running. This wound check revealed a bump- not on the incision but below the supposedly nonreactive dermabond. I don't know if you remember, I'm allergic to everything. When I had one lump removed- I reacted to the steristrips- which is odd because I had 4 c-sections and no problems with them. I was allergic to adhesive- had 2 wounds dehisce due to inflammation. I was allergic to every brand of tape they tried in the week after. When I had my mastectomy- I was allergic to the latex in the ace wrap- a perfectly mummified rash wherever it touched as well as the blistery welts that snaked along my side wherever the drain tubing touched. Then there was the adhesive on the tubing. It was not fun.  Phil knows my tendency to react and his dressing change skills now match his undressing skills.  I would rather he check the oil- the perimeter- the hoses- the pipes- what have you-not my tiny pustule ridden chest anymore. I'm pretty sure that isn't in the marriage contract. Yet he does it because at some point he decided he married up with me and I conveniently didn't correct him. Survival of the fittest- adapting- that means the best me is only available with him. That and he trapped me with a master plan- but that's a story for another time.

The next morning I wake up to a couple dozen more little bumps and some redness- fortunately not at the incision site- but a reaction is brewing. Phil stands there tapping his foot. You need to call. But I don't WANNA call. I zap a picture of my rash to my favorite mutant wound watch team.  We are headed into a 3 day weekend- as much as I don't want to spend yet another day waiting around tripler- I'd rather it not be in the ER- so I call the Men in Black suite and they have me come right in to IR. The doc scrunches up his face- you really DO react to everything, don't you? I don't even know what was THERE.

Awesome- because if we knew- we could avoid it. It doesn't seem to be the dermabond, because other areas are fine, but it looks like on one posterior edge-the dermabond sealed something in and my skin was not happy about it. The picker in me really wanted to attack each an every little pustule- but the rational person knows that is a baaaad idea. How do you do with Benadryl? He asks. Ok- it makes me sleepy and anxious all at the same time- that's pretty normal these days- so fine. How about Hydrocortisone?  Oral or topical, I ask. He looks at me funny- have they given you oral steroids before for reactions?  Oh no- I say but my daughter is on them so that's the type we normally deal with.   So I walk out of there with a script for benadryl and hydrocortisone cream. Mind you- I have a collection of both at home. I had pretty much decided to use the home supply and was headed out the door when I bump into Phil who obviously is the best husband ever- turned around on his way into work to be there with me. He decided we should use his in uniform benefits at the pharmacy- don't get to do THAT often and maybe I might be getting like 1000% Hydrocortisone cream or something. That would definitely be higher than the 1-3% at home. My chest itches.  I think mostly I'm just allergic to Tripler.

We wait and wait. I ponder how this is the last day of fall break and I have done nothing fun with the kids. They have mostly been unsupervised with the exception of my neighbor and sister in law checking in on them. I know they have loved every minute of playing with their little cousins.  Everything happens for a reason- months ago when we found out Phil's brother and his family were moving here- we were beyond excited. Excited that the kids could know their cousins. Excited for Friday nights and watching football games together and hanging out. Excited to see the little ones grow. Excited to reap the rewards of my sister in law's cooking talents. Excited for family. But as a good friend always says- families are messy. And the week they arrived on island was the week ours just got a whole lot messier. I texted her that morning as I ran out the door and she was gonna look in on the kids for me . She stayed with them when I got the port and I feel so lucky that Phil's brother landed such a wonderful woman and that we haven't managed to scare her off yet.  Those Mallory men- all seem to marry up. I never had sisters- but truly enjoy my sister in laws, or is it sisters in law? Either way- love them.

 I am not feeling the benefit of the in uniform service at the pharmacy. Especially when we finally procure our rx- 1% cream and regular benadryl. But I have spent another hot date hour at Tripler with my handsome man in uniform so - I'll take what I can get and hopefully get rid of this rash so I once again can show Phil how he married up. No wonder he came to check on me- he probably knew I would walk right out of there without the prescription. Love that guy. Either way- the rash is fading- morale is rebounding. One small victory at a time.

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