Friday, January 16, 2015

What a Trip!

Its hard not to feel like every time we plan a trip, something goes drastically wrong. But then again, if I step back and look at it- things do happen for a reason. We had a wonderful week in California and by far the best part was all the love we received from family and friends who jumped on planes or in cars and made the trek to come spend just a bit of time with our chaos.

It did my soul so much good. Living on an island makes us pretty inaccessible at times- so our trip gave us the much needed reprieve from island fever and the whirlwind of scheduling that swirled around us. It gave us time to just be us and reminded me of how important people are in my life.

We took the kids to play in snow and build a snowman.

A very tiny snowman.

Despite a cold and the cold- Bella still had fun- even taking a nap on the side of the slope. 

The littles were content playing while the bigs enjoyed snowboarding at Mt Baldy. yep we chose the spot exclusively because of it's name. 

But most importantly we got to visit with our friends the McCormick's- the type of friends you can fall back into conversation with like no time has passed and thoroughly enjoy just hanging around with. 

The next day- our friends since high school Rob and Ang brought their 4 beautiful kids to hang with us in Newport Beach. I loved seeing our past and present connect and form these new relationships based on our friendships from long ago. 
We laughed and learned there are people who will refuse to take your picture for religious reasons but  that didn't stop us. Again my heart was happy.

We then headed to the happiest place- not because of a mouse- but because of family. We got to spend time with grandma and had the amazing bonus of some cousin time!!

There was ice skating at a rink in Downtown Disney- so they got to check off another winter event!
My mom got to see that I was in fact OK!
It IS a small world- Best group pic ever!
The minions. 

And finally, ended the trip with an amazing dinner with new friends. 

Back to Chemo!

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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