Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 4 of 21. Thursday. The Mongoose and the Sammich.

I woke up feeling a little off. This is normal for day 4. My neck is a little achey. My bones are a little achey. My stomach is achey. If I don't eat, I'm nauseous, if i eat too much , I'm nauseous. There is a balance. Food doesn't really sound good, but if I eat little bits, I feel better.

Kadcyla works by attaching chemotherapy molecules to herceptin . Herceptin is a monoclonal antibody that targets certain receptors(Her2) . There are lots of Her2 receptors on Her2 positive cancers like mine. Not all breast cancers are Her2+, they are finding some other cancers have her2 receptors- that is a game changer for treatment. It opens a window for some stomach, ovarian and esophageal cancers.

Thursdays are kinda like my hump days. Even when Phillip and Kiera were little-Thursday ended up being a do something fun kinda day. Phil works a lot of weekends, so when the kids went off to school- it became a good day for me to go for a long walk- go to lunch with a friend, do something fun. I decided that I wanted to go walk at Koolina. So Off I went.

It's the off season, so parking is easy and it's not too crowded. The tradewinds are back and feel wonderful. I can feel the wind blowing through my hair. I packed a hat- but am enjoying the wind through my curls too much to put it on. I walk across the street to Island Vintage Coffee and grab a coffee and a sandwich for later.  I walk back around the lagoon to a big grassy overlook which is pretty deserted. I'm surprised there isn't anyone here, it's a lovely breezy shady spot. The busy lagoon is to my back and I can watch the waves crash against the rocks.

I sip the coffee and just appreciate the day. There are a lot of paradise taxes and this is definitely one of the perks. It is early, but I love the salad that comes with the sandwich. I'm gonna eat it. I struggle a bit to untie the knot of the plastic bag. Its not really a chemo thing, or a coordination thing. I've been biting my nails. I've got nothing to work with.  I get the bag undone and open the box, it's a simple green salad with pistachios and a balsamic vinaigrette- but it's yummy. I take two bites of the sandwich, well because its there and taunting me. I close the box and loop the plastic bag. I get out my kindle and read. After awhile and a coffee, Nature calls. A man has been running sprints with his daughter next to me for 20 minutes. It's a little annoying, but I figure at least I can run to the bathroom- they know I'm there and any passerby would figure my chair was theirs. I put my lunch on the seat.

As I walk back to the chair, running man and daughter are gone. Of Course. A mongoose is slinking away from my chair with what looks like a piece of very yummy very overpriced resort sammich. MY Sammich.  YOU LITTLE SHIT! I yell. It stops, It looks at me and I swear it smiled with it's beady red eyes. Man those beady red eyes creep me out. I look at my chair- the bag is open. The box is open and my yummy overpriced sammich mauled.

I close the bag and mourn the loss of my lunch, while grateful that I at least had the salad and 2 bites. I'm pretty mad at the mongoose. I look up to see him darting from the bush to behind the tree. The lil rat fink punk stops to stare at me. I tell him he doesn't get my sandwich and he's a little thief. If he had asked, I might have shared but I DO NOT reward poor behavior. He darts from the tree to the rocks, continuously watching me. I think the japanese tourists nearby must think I've lost my mind.

The mongoose is back, with a friend. It's not a party, I tell him. They dart to the rocks and back. Theywatch me. I watch them. I pick up a few nuts. They are getting a little too friendly and edging closer. I just want to scare him off and I pelt the nut in his direction. It bounces off his little head with a thwap. I feel bad for half a second until he picks up the nut and tries to eat it. I AM NOT FEEDING YOU! He runs to the bush.

I can't relax and read because I'm afraid the wirey little rodents are planning a sneak attack. I get up, take my half eaten by mongoose overpriced resort sammich to the trash can. As I walk back, the little rat is on my chair. Grrrr. He jumps off as I approach, I swear he looks smug. Ha ha. No sammich for you. Who's smug now? I sit down and here comes another mongoose, slinking out of the bush with a BABY mongoose in trail. Oh dear god. These little shits are master manipulators. I give up, I pack up my chair and head to another shady spot, not so near bushes at another lagoon.

Mongeese-1, Jen-0.

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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