Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rest of the Day

Today is a tired day. Like tired tired. I could hear the kids getting ready for school, but was powerless to open my eyes. It's Thursday- which are Phil's long days at work. I vaguely remember booing when his alarm went off at 4 something.

I've been weaning off the steroids, but still need to meet with docs to see what they would like me to do- the appointments keep changing (they keep trying to schedule Thursday and well they are long enough for Phil. )And well we were so excited about the pathology at our last visit- we forgot to ask those relevant kinda things.

I've tried to scale back pain meds and well- am not ready for that. They are doing their job and by scaling back- the aches prevent me from sleeping and that's not good for healing. So one thing at a time. Some of the numbness around the scar and that side of my head is wearing off. It's not painful but definitely a weird feeling.

The good thing about older kids too is you can text one of them to bring you coffee and they do. And they put waaay too much sugar in it so it's a treat.

It is also picture day at school. Oh I remember the year mom had to be in to work early on picture day and dad tried to do my hair. It was a disaster. I ran down the street to my friend Melissa's, her mom Mary fixed me up- yet in the rain and run home and to school- I ended up at square one. Which is how I looked every day and how school pictures should be.

Bella pokes her head in with her hair brushed(this does not happen on a daily basis)it's also  pulled back and she is in a dress. a dress. Bella.  We need picture day more often. Phillip is yelling for them to come on and they are off to school. Kiera brings coffee. Can still barely keep eyes open. She chats with me for a bit and she too is off to school. I now will keep the couch warm for the remainder of the day.

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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