Friday, February 27, 2009

One of those days...

Last Friday

I knew it was going to be a busy day and it was. We had to take the van in to get looked at. Apparently some belts are in need of changing...Bella disagreed with the necessity of her car seat. She actually managed to escape when I was in the act of driving the vehicle- all the while I am having flashbacks of Lily and Kiera doing the same thing. I think Lily is on her 4th or 5th carseat and what it boiled down to is that she finally relented and realized being in a carseat happens, there's no fighting it. But Bella's in a 5 point harness- the very harness that helped Lily realize the inevitability of vehicular restraint- and the little terror managed to wiggle out- that takes talent and an unprecedented bendiness. When I wrangled her back into her seat and fastened her so securely she then proceeded to tell me for 45 min(and by tell I mean scream at the uppermost level of her ability) how much she disliked being in the carseat and that the belts could be loosened a little( I hate seat and this hurts) . By the time we got home it was just enough time to gather supplies and head to clinic. Fortunately I knew there was the possibility of a transfusion and my friend Tracey was willing to let Bella hang out. Our visit turned into a 10 hour admission- which I like to refer to as transfusion slo mo.

Miss Florence wasn't in clinic today because she teaches a class on Fridays. From here on out- we will not be making scheduled trips to clinic on Friday and here's why. Lily doesn't like change. If you want her to do something a certain way- you darn well better do it that way from the get-go- otherwise there's no going back. No one but Florence has ever accessed Lily's port down in clinic. She literally had to skip around the entire clinic to make sure Miss Flowens was not hiding. She then used stall tactics- and finally ended up in all out tantrum. She has been sitting on my lap for the access procedure- earlier this week she got really panicky and moved which caused me to shift and long story short - the site had to be cleaned 3 times before we got her accessed and there was screaming and kicking involved. Today, as soon as she gets on my lap she starts throwing a fit. I gave her the opportunity to calm down, we actually had the site cleaned when she started kicking at people-at one point almost kicking me in the head and I'm pretty sure she got the chief of peds oncology at least twice in the gut. SO I called uncle and said it was time for the bundle. She threw herself down on the floor and it took 4 of us to get her bundled and still she had to be held down for the stick. It was lots o fun.

So of course her hemoglobin and whatnot were low, which bought us a trip up to the ward for a transfusion. I figured we'd be out in a couple of hours, I'd still be able to get Phillip and Kiera from school. Yeah- what was I thinking? Fortunately Tracey is prepared for such contingencies and not only kept Bella for the entire time, but picked up Phillip and Kiera- fed them and my husband too when he finally got done with work.

So Lily and I were hanging out. More correctly- I was told to leave(I believe the word hate was used but I can't be sure) Miss Julie sees me in the hall- she remarks that I look like it's been a rough time- more so than back up on the ward, Lily being mean, lookin rough. I GOT IT- I look like crap. So Miss Julie packs an arsenal of beads and toys for "angry play" so Lily can get her angry out. It helped Lily for her dinosaur to eat Miss Julie's Lion. Then she fell asleep. And she woke up. We finally finish and get to head home around 7:30ish pm. We get the kids down to bed. By the time I get to bed the pump is beeping. Lily has once again wrapped herself in the tubing and it has stopped. I carefully start the unwrapping. I go to bed. Rinse- repeat- This time she's managed to get the tubing wrapped around her neck- really I don't see why I can't sleep these days. An hour later I am called in to change a poopy pull up. Ugh. I need a good night's sleep.

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Lily Kay Monkey
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