Thursday, February 5, 2009

Status Quo for now

Lily's doing good. She's tolerating her nightly feedings and is actually maintaining her weight. She still wakes up throwing up, but I think it's related to her cough and not as much her tummy. She coughs constantly. Three different doctors have checked her out and they all say there are no signs for them to check it out further. You mean other than she has cancer and is on enough medications to kill a small animal? I have a couple of theories. My most positive one is that the chemo is working and her lungs are helping by working overtime to clear out the bad stuff. I won't go into my pessimistic ones.

All of the kids are going through growing pains right now. Bella's are literal- she's finally growin into some of the chub she's been storin up over the winter. Kiera randomly bursts into tears when she is corrected for writing like a 3 year old. She will take and hour to do 3 math problems completely incorrect, but put dinner on the table and tell her she can't eat until her math is done and she whips out the other 22 in 5 minutes with minimal errors. Phillip is having tummy aches, which I blame on 3 days of school lunch but he swears it's something else. He's playing flag football at the afterschool program and last night finally told me he's worried he won't play good enough in their game on Friday. Upon further investigation, he's the team's best flag puller(sts) and is at cornerback. And I realize how much damage baseball's coach of the year has already done. I made sure he knows a good coach will put him in a position that will play up his strengths for the team's benefit. That seemed to make sense to him. Go figure.

Phil's working evenings this week which is a mixed bag. We get to spend some time together in the morning, but I'm flying solo in the evenings which is tough. We switched Lily's shots to morning this week since she refuses to let me give them to her. Gotta let her have control over what we can and it's not a big deal to switch timing. Unfortunately Phil is still designated by Lily as shot giver which is a position I do not envy. Her belly pain is starting again. We think it's related to her counts. It's not alot or all the time, but I know her counts are starting to drop so it will only get worse. Time to get the monkeys to school......

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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