Saturday, February 7, 2009

Still holdin....

Lily was doin good yesterday at her semi weekly check up. She reached a big milestone..they didn't have to bundle her when they accessed her port. The port, or what lil Phillip likes to call her 3rd nipple has to be cleaned really well and then they stick a big butterfly needle in it and bandage it so it stays in place. The needle is connected to tubing where meds can be given or blood can be drawn. When we did IV's or when she is doing chemo, it stays in- but has to be changed every week to reduce the chance of infection. On days that we go to clinic, they take it out after we see what her counts are, or it's in place if she needs a transfusion.

Usually when Miss Florence accesses it, she bundles her with a blanket- it's really this cool technique that I will have to pass along if anyone needs it. But yesterday Lily decided she would sit on my lap for it. She wrapped one arm around my neck and held my hand with the other- and other than the gigantic scream- she did amazing. She usually starts screaming the second Florence picks up the needle and stops as soon as it's in. We have special numbing patches that we put on the spot before we even leave the house and afterwards Lily tells us that it is just a little hurt. She got a special purple bead AND a trip to the treasure chest. Of course she picked out another Barbie. They fly, they dance, they lose their shoes EVERYWHERE- why o why can they not make one that cleans my house? Or at least picks up its own shoes and puts itself in the toy box when she is tired of playing with it. By evening the shoes "magically" disappear. One night I was sweeping the kitchen and next to the door, lined up next to my tennis shoes were two little Barbie shoes. The sheer cuteness of it saved them a trip to the trash can- but they were not as cute the next day when I stepped on them. Bibbitty bobbitty boo- into the trash with you- like I said- it's magic.

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  1. Please let me know if you ever find a Barbie that can either keep her shoes on or clean the house. I would definitely buy it! Glad Lily is still feeling ok. And what a big step for her to sit on your lap during the procedure! She is one tough cookie!


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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