Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Yesterday we managed to frost cookies and paint eggs. That's MAJOR productivity in the Mallory house! Bella's got a cold and preferred to snuggle on the couch, but the other 3 really got into it.
She perked up this morning.

Egg dying was quick and to the point this year. I think Lily was seeing how many she could drop and from how high...our devilled eggs will be very festive this year. Kiera Used her fingers to avoid droppage and was rewarded fingers. Due to a Easter care package from Gma - Phillip thinks he's going to be a professional bubble blower. He did blow one yesterday that was as big as his nugget and popped it before Lily got to it.

Kiera was first up this morning and was rewarded with being sole hunter of inside eggs...there weren't many, but the ones there were- were a melty mess of dye and I was about to put them back in the fridge when she hopped downstairs. Kiera had a major sleepwalking episode last night and came downstairs looking for something- I played along and handed her nothing - which was apparently "not it!" and she stormed back upstairs. When I asked her about it this morning she looked at me like I was crazy- so subject dropped...When the other rascals awoke- it was a race in the back yard....and then the breakfast of champions.... Happy Easter!

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  1. What beautiful smiles! Bella's smile is yours, Jen, and I love it! What a impressive breakfast ;) I've got a little one here hot on my heals for "MORE PEEPS!!". Have a beautiful Easter together! All the Thomases send their love.


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Lily Kay Monkey
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