Monday, April 13, 2009

A Shot for Good Friends....

I am so lucky to have a reservoir of good friends. I married my best friend and even when we are "off," there's no one else I'd rather have by my side. The past few months have been the most incredible strain on us individually, together and as a family. So many things have changed and I know we will never be normal again. We will get to a point where we can fake it pretty well though.

We usually have ham for Easter. It's one of those things that when I mention it -everyone groans, yet they love it and especially love the sandwiches the next few days. I ran to the commissary Friday and grabbed groceries and was halfway through the line when I realized that I forgot the ham. But then Phil comes home from work with a fresh supply of chicken that one of the guys made especially for really was a Good Friday. Chicken for Easter it was! I can't express how much the dinners have helped- It is just one less thing to have to worry about. Friends have prepared a whole weeks worth of meals- or done grocery shopping- or just shown up on the doorstep with food. It rocks. And I personally blame all of you for my weight gain!

I don't know where I would be without my inner circle of friends. Last night and the night before Phil had to work. Lily doesn't like for me to give her shots. That doesn't break my heart- it's a crappy thing to have to do. What's better yet is that I can call my friend Carrie and say- I need help with Lily's shot and she appears minutes later and actually gives her the shot. It's a tough routine and it's taken a toll on us. For 10-14 of the 21 days, "we" have to give her shots. By we, I mean Phil. Phil gave her the first few and that set a precedent for Lily- daddy gives the shots. I know it's extremely tough on Phil although he doesn't let it show. There is kicking and screaming and panic by Lily . I don't blame her- these shots hurt. But the benefit outweighs the owie. She usually asks around 630 or 7pm if she has to get a shot tonight. When she asks, I tell her yes and then try to distract her for a few minutes until Phil gets it ready. Then I hold her and he gives her the shot. She knows we have to do it. It doesn't make it any easier. On nights that he works late, I have to employ more active distraction- or just make other plans. You know you are in the inner circle when you get the call to hold Lily so I can giver her a shot. The other night Phil gave her the shot and she hops down from my lap and says "Thank you daddy". As I picked up the pieces of my heart, I am ready to be done with this. The best is when her counts start rebounding and we don't have to give them. Those nights I look forward to when she asks if she has to get a shot tonight, cause we get to say no and we all do a little cheer. I am keeping my fingers crossed tonight might be one of those nights.

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  1. First of all, "normal" is both relative and overrated. I'm not sure if I've ever seen "normal" myself... Secondly, can I just say how much it thrills me that you have a local support system?! Yea friends! Love you!


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