Wednesday, April 15, 2009

maintenance fees..

We went to clinic together the other day. I am on like day 25 of this cold and no end in sight...I've tried everything....I may have to resort to ..going to the doctor as a friend non chalantly caught herself reccommending. It is a reasonable suggestion. I just don't have the energy to call make an appointment, find childcare and then have a doc say uh-huh 5 times , it's a cold go home , rest drink fluids, yadda yadda. Rest has become an improbablity, I've drank so many fluids I have actually sprung a leak on a couple of occasions of heavy coughing- I've had 4 kids- gimme a I do my best self- diagnosis and medicate from the home pharmacy.

After Lily is accessed, we leave her bundled so we can change her G-tube button. It's time, when we unhook the extension it leaks stomach contents. Ummmm tasty. I refuse to do it. The nurse I have been calling Teresa, comes in and tackles it. It was quick, I have no clue about painless though- Lily screamed like she was being disemboweled- which she kinda was. So there's this little balloon that is on the tip- when you deflate that- the tube pulls right out- you shove a lubed up tube back in the opening, inflate the ball and it's done. When Flo talks to her, it sounds like Drizza- maybe she is getting my cold. Phil and I have an extensive whispered conversation when they leave the room as to what her name really is- it could go either way here in Hawaii... Lily's counts are good. No more shots until after next treatment. Depending on how her hearing is, the last treatment may be shorter on days 1 and 2. We go in tomorrow to check on her ears and her heart, so we shall see.

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  1. Everybody get healthy out there! Nike says just do it.

    When Phil was Lily's age, he had a teacher at nursery school he called "Miss Piggy" and he just loved her because he thought her name was Miss Piggy from the Muppets--her name was Peggy. She was so upset when she found out he was calling her Piggy. She just didn't understand that he thought it was so great. Love you all- Mom Deb


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)