Monday, April 27, 2009

Nothing to report....

How awesome is that? Phil and I spent most of the weekend cleaning out the kids' rooms. 3 bags to Goodwill, 4 bags and miscellaneous items distributed to friends, 2 for the hospital playroom and a full garbage can outside. Full -as in my husband jumping up and down in it- human trash compactor style to get us through to trash day. My husband is the supreme purger. Not as in anorexia or bulimia- as in get rid of it. I go through and try to organize- he gets rid of and even though I know where every stuffed animal came from- which toy that tiny piece goes to- approximately how often each thing gets played with-he does not care and gets rid of it. I am finally in the place to let him and not have to worry about it. It's less to pick up and clean. Really he's just thinking of me and still trying to break me of my pack-ratishness.

Lily is feeling good. Now I am starting to read up on where we go from here. We are also starting to make plans. We are going to plan a party for when Lily finishes Mitotane. We are starting to plan our Make a Wish trip to Disney. This week I have started working on potty training again. Last week I was blogging and Bella was painting on the floor beside me. She usually fills a cup with water and just sprawls out. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her over by the fridge- I assume she's getting more water- she then takes her cup and chucks it into the sink. It is then that I notice she is naked. As you all know- nudity is nothing new in my house- but we require pull-ups or underwear for health code reasons. "Where are your pants?" I ask- almost afraid of the answer- "over there" she replies. OK. "Why do you not have them ON?" Because I peed. "Where did you pee?" In the cup. Gag. "You did not!" Uh-huh, I peed in the cup and put it in the sink. She looks proud, then confused that I am not congratulating her on this. We have a talk whilest I bleachith.

These are days that I know I am not paid enough. I toss the cup and start bleaching the sink- fortunately she picked a day I had actually done the dishes or we'd be down a sink full of dishes too. This is the day I decided that the insanity must stop. That it is time for my 3 year old and my 4 year old to be potty trained. When Phillip was little- I was still in the "my child is gonna be the best ever at everything" mode. I was convinced he would be potty trained by 2 and reading by 3. Then I got pregnant with Kiera. I realized that the age of potty training was not a direct indicator of later success in life. He was 2.5 before I started and was done right around 3- literally just in time for preschool. Kiera was the one who everyone told me would potty train herself- girls were easier than boys. I started when she was 2 and we did not "finish" until she was 3 and was just about to go to preschool. I am convinced the only reason she decided to potty train was because I gave up and feigned complete disinterest. I learned that when a child is ready, they are ready. With Lily- I let her decide when she was ready. We had our moments- but she was ready because she wanted to school. It was around this time I started introducing the concept to Bella. Since it was just her and me on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, she liked the attention and she was making great strides. I figured that children would do it when they were ready and usually they were ready around 3, and she would be the little sprite that proved me wrong. Because let's face it- their whole purpose in life is to keep me on my toes. And then we discovered Lily's cancer. Not only did Bella's potty training take a back seat- Lily's training was unravelling by the week.

So here we are. Peein in cups an that's not even at the hospital. For the record- Bella has not ever seen anyone pee in a cup- so I have no clue where she got the bright idea- all I know is that in her little mind- it seemed perfectly logical as opposed to walking 10 steps to the bathroom. And part of me was secretly glad it wasn't on the carpet- even if it cost me a cup and some time bleaching. We discussed behavior modification and today the only beverage available to pull up wearers is water- you want the kool aid- you gotta wear the underwear. And this will be my week, and it almost seems like a vacation. Almost. Crazy.


  1. My Dearest Jen, Jen, First I'm grateful that Lily is feeling good. She is still going through treatment and I want to keep that in mind. Congratulations are in order. Think about it!!! Six months ago you could only think the worst and I know you were hoping for the best. NOW, look at were you are!!!!! You are planning for a future. You and Phil and the kids need to know that you are the best medicine a little girl could have. Thank you for keeping our Lily with us. Every day is a miracle. Love, Mom(Grandma)

  2. Yeah! I loved your update and the good news. Your pee tale made me laugh outloud. I am glad you can start planning for Disney. That will be a really good milestone and celebration for all of you. We just got back from Disney and both kids had so much fun (so did we). We miss you! -- Cindy


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Lily Kay Monkey
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