Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Did It! We Did It! We Did It- Yeah!

Yesterday was by far the best day we've had in the hospital. Treatment lasted a couple of hours, Lily was in a good mood- we brought lunch for the staff and then we came home. When the doc popped in to see Lily- she said they don't have to see her until next Friday. Wow- that's a whole week. Whatever will we do with ourselves if I'm not running to clinic every 3 days? I might be able to gradually work back in some things like exercise and showering daily. How exciting!

When I say Lily was in a good mood, you must realize that means more peaks than valleys, or that the valleys are shallow and peaks are high. There was a new car on the ward and Lily spent much of her prep time zooming up and down the hall. At one point an elderly volunteer in a motorized cart thingy came up to the ward and Lily tried to race him. Her nurse and I thought it was flippin hysterical, he did not. I think she may have won too if he hadn't cut her off at the nurses station.

I got to snuggle with her for the entire treatment time. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. If you have to go through it, I highly recommend it, it is so choice. Nothing beats snuggling with happy Lily for over an hour with her periodically saying "I love you mama!" and of course "where's daddy?" and "I want granma berta". By the time the meds start coursing through her system, you can see happy Lily fade and know she feels icky. I sigh and know that this is the last one. If only for now, we are done with this phase.

All of her "friends" start milling about. Rumors of free food spread fast in the hospital! I am chasing Bella who discovered the new car. Phil is hanging with Lily, she has a pile of spaghetti in front of her and is too busy eating to bother with manners and greeting people as they swing by her room. 2 of our favorite nurses from downstairs hop in and try to get a giggle out of her and a hug. No deal. Their usefulness would be limited to procuring more spaghetti. But they really want a hug from the Lily monster. They bounce around the room hugging random objects, hoping to get her to submit...she refuses she tells them flat out to stop hugging her balloons and her toys- you don't hug those. Well, Lily, what CAN we hug? They think they have her. They think they are going to get their way....YOU can hug Daddy! Fortunately we are a huggy family or that could have been awkward!


  1. Simply gorgeous! Hooray! By the way, I just love your huggy family! You guys do have some of the best in the business. :)

  2. YOU DID IT! Be still my heart! We are so hopeful, so elated! I will continue to look forward to checking the blog daily, maybe twice instead of the many, many times, to gaze at my beautiful grandchildren and hear the news. Be strong, keep your faith, believe in miracles, believe in the power of prayer from around the world, believe in each other and believe in love. -- Love, Grandma Allen


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)