Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let the Disinfecting begin.....

Right after I blogged yesterday, I looked over to find Bella curled up on the couch- an unusual flush to her otherwise pale pallor. Uh oh. I felt her leg, since her head was further away- and yep it was warm. Why is it instinct to feel a forehead? Is it becasue that's where our mom's felt? Is that because when you are all curled up that is the easily exposed part? The clinic calls and needs to see Lily, so I begin the babysitter search. I don't want to drag Bella into the hospital when she can rest. I take Lily into clinic and they cannot find a thing wrong with her. I, at this point, KNOW it was a bug because it obviously is contagious. But better safe than sorry.

Bella generally sleeps when she is sick. It was entirely too cute to hear Lily apologize over and over- I'm sorry I got you sick Bella. I'm sorry. Lily never threw up, but then again she hadn't had anything to eat for 24 hours when the virus hit her. Bella was tucked in and Phil and I went to bed early- both anticipating less than a full night's sleep. Bella was up by 1030, and then at midnight. Around 2 she just climbed in next to me and I had to remove the covers as she was steadily heating up and essentially panting- her little body's way of dealing with the bug. At 245 she sits straight up and demands to go downstairs- I would silently thank her later for this determination. I get her a cup of water and she immediately throws it up over herself. I don't think the water actually made it down to her stomach- but I throw her in the tub anyways- I need to get her fever down and she really won't be keeping tylenol down at this point.

The water cools her skin, she curls up on the couch and drifts off- only to wake every 20-30 minutes to dry heave for the next 4 hours. What's entertaining is how she feels the need to hop off the couch and do this bouncy little dance as she declares that she is gonna "trow up". I have to physically restrain her while she buries her head in the bucket and I can feel her little belly just heaving. "I don't wanna trow up momma." Obviously doing your little no trow up dance is not working so let's stay laying down. Some time after 6, the sun starts peeking through the window and I decide I must get some sleep. My head is throbbing and my stomach doesn't feel quite right- I nudge Phil as I crawl back into bed and he rolls out. I brief him on the need to restrain Bella when she declares she's gonna puke. I don't think he believed me. Oh well, he'll see. I'm just glad he goes in late to work today. When he comes back in, somehow what feels like 3 minutes is close to 3 hours. You were right, he tells me and proceeds to imitate Bella's puke dance perfectly. The puking has subsided, but she's demanding oatmeal. So far, she is still settling for water and keeping it down.

So much for the week of fun I had planned. The kids go back to school tomorrow. But don't you worry- they have next Friday off. Yep that's right, they go back to school on a Friday- and they have the following Friday off for a teacher work day. Must I comment further? It would make sense if they were given individualized school supply lists from teachers and then you would have a weekend to take care of it. I have to go check my inventory- but that's pretty much how it's going to be for us anywhoo.

The entire house has been lysolized and when we all end up with lung cancer- you will know why. Laundry is beeing processed and the rest of the cleaning will commence upon my completion here. Anyone wanna put money on when Phillip and Kiera will get it???

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  1. Ohhh my,,,,,, hang in there!!! What a double whammy.

    Thinking of you,,,


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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