Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stocking the Pantry

The days speed by. Nightly, I have discussions with Lily and Bella- will it hurt, will you be asleep, what if you wake up during the surgery? Are you scared?

Of course I am. I am scared of a lot of things. I am scared of pain, of not being myself, of the nausea of losing independence. A Mutant friend sent a very kind gift,with it another special gift from her son, who has had brain surgery and a card that his brother signed- Good Luck with the puking. And I laughed- because it's perfect. And they got through and we will get through. 

I am scared of troubling anyone and causing stress or pain.  I don't ask for much help, but I am getting better and I truly appreciate the kind gifts and cards from friends all over that show me how much you care and that you are thinking of us. I appreciate the rides for the kiddos to and from activities. My cousin's wife sent a Doterra Oil care package with a diffuser and oils to help with stress and healing. Its something I've been interested in, but put on the backburner for more pressing research. I truly appreciate that she took the time to do that for me and Serenity helps nightly.  We diffused Peace the other afternoon- Bella stank up the joint with her feet- oh preteens feet- and Kiera declared Peace smelled like rich babies. I can't say I had the same response but reminded me of how powerful smells can be. 

My friend Gina launched the Team Mallory Tshirt fund again and again I'm floored and humbled to see the support from all over. I can't wait to see pics of everyone in their shirts- I made a team Mallory book years ago and I am looking forward to updating it!

Shutterfly photo books offer a wide range of artful designs and embellishments to choose from.

Our Raptor friends started a meal train for February and March, which is always appreciated and I've had many ask about being added. We have help from my mom and one of my best friends through March. Phil is taking leave most of February- so hopefully we will be able to get into a routine and I can take advantage of their cooking skills and they get a break a couple nights a week. I am more concerned about when Phil goes back to work and those times can get overwhelming if I am not feeling 100% or even my more usual 80 some percent these days.

That being said- we welcome home cooked meals and are so grateful for the love and time put into showing our family love during this recovery. I was tasked with completing a list of our favorites- restaurants, take out, etc and it's harder than I thought to put out there. I know that cooking meals and bringing them all the way out to Ewa Beach isn't convenient and we have so many friends all over who would like to help. A couple good friends keep prodding me and urging me to get on with it and share our likes, so here goes.

Groceries- Safeway, Costco, Commissary
I'd have to say one of the most helpful things over the past years was when friends helped with groceries. A friend used to call on her way to the commissary and ask if we could use bread, milk, whatever- she would stop in for a visit with bags of treats and groceries and I truly appreciated it.

My Sister in Law has been phenomenal over the past few years at helping with this. She is pretty amazing- will load up  her 4 kids and maybe one of mine and do 2 families worth of grocery shopping at the commissary- if she takes Lily- it's like 3 families worth of groceries. . She knows our likes and dislikes and she's agreed to be the point of contact if anyone loves grocery shopping and would like to help after Phil goes back to work.

The other good news is that the boy got his first job at Safeway- convenient for all our shopping needs- if not a bit pricey. We do a fair amount of convenience shopping at Safeway and Costco for groceries and quick dinners.

Nearby Restaurants-Basics- McD's, Taco Bell, Dominos, Wendy's.  Panda Express, CPK,  Five Guys, Popeyes

The Laulani Shopping center close to our house has a Buffalo Wild Wings, Starbucks, Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Ross and Walgreen's where we end up grabbing necessities alot!

There is a new mall- yes we've been here 11 years and just got a mall one town over. Ka Makana Alii- complete with Macy's and food options- we pass there most nights taking girls to dance class.

The Mallorys do love to eat out, although amazingly we have not lately. There really aren't a lot of delivery options for Ewa Beach. We've even taken to doing homemade Pizza for Friday pizza night. Our big Sis Kellie sent us a California Pizza Kitchen gift card and it was strictly for a Jen and Phil lunch date and was very much needed and we finally got to visit the new CPK at the new mall.

 I've been enjoying cooking and cooking with Bella - maybe because I can, Maybe because when the world seems like it's throwing crazy stuff at you- putting ingredients together purposefully to create a meal feels like a way to accomplish something- and fulfill a basic need and that of the kids.  Kiera and Phillip have learned we make way better coffee than Starbucks, but they still enjoy a treat every so often.

I also have an Amazon problem and the girls are learning to shop around and show me what they would like or need conveniently delivered in 3-7 days with prime. Oh my little apples.

I think this might be the most bizarre post. It's like airing of the Mallory gastronomical laundry. We like dessert. We are meat and potatoes people. Love chicken and salads.  Miss good Mexican food. Live on an island but not crazy about fish. No food allergies. Love coffee and teas. and chocolate. We stock the pantry but like everything on the island-space is limited with exception it seems to be in the children's bellies!

But seriously- I appreciate any positive thoughts, juju, energy sent our way and know it makes a huge difference. I worry about the kids and Phil- Phil because he will take it all on and get it all done and the kids because well it's just shitty- they should just have to worry about kids stuff. I'm so grateful for my mom and Monica taking months to be here for the fun. I am grateful for the so many who are patiently waiting with us to see how it goes and if they will be needed. I appreciate everything that makes life a little easier. As for the kids and Phil- anything to make life easier on them and spoil them- is a HUGE gift for me. Thank you again and again for being part of the Team. XOXOXO

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