Monday, February 6, 2017

Being Flexible-Eviction Moved to February 10.

I am not flexible about a lot of things. 40 pounds of steroid weight gain does not help. When your neurosurgeon's secretary calls and asks if you can move surgery until 2 days later- despite the overwhelming urge to scream Um F#@! no, you try to be rational and realize there might be a good reason for the asking.

And of course this will happen as you are standing in the middle of Ross looking for butterflies for your zen garden. So you say yes, I have reinforcements arriving tomorrow, can I ask the reason? Not that the reason really matters- obviously there is a good reason- or someone has a greater need or something. The fact is- I want the right people there knifing into my nugget and if Wednesday is not going to be that day- well it is not.

Yet- I also know that if the date shifts- most of the other appointments shift. My reinforcements know the drill too- all too well. Flashback to multiple visits to the SAC(Surgery Admission Center) in one week because we had to take wider margins on my mastectomy. I feel like this is what I get for planning, but then again- I had removed every box and bin from inside my closet and they were now lining every wall of my room- 2 extra days may not be bad AND I have reinforcements to help.

So eviction is now on Friday February 10. I managed to keep my other preop and SAC appointments but we did have to switch the Special STEALTHY MRI until Thursday- because they want the most recent pictures before the surgery. Makes sense- not gonna fuss with that. I also have to shift around a quick visit into hem/onc to get my port accessed for both MRI and surgery since my vein- yeah apparently there is 1 decent one left-isnt so cooperative and I dont want to risk it being blown.  As I sat on the lanai of the most amazing room on the island of Lanai- I rescheduled the MRI and then tried to put it out of my mind(hee hee hee) for another day and just relax with Phil.

Lanai the island was amazing. We celebrated our soon to be 18th wedding anniversary and just took some time to be together. Lanai- population 3000, island of no traffic lights was just what we needed. We rented a jeep- drove out to see parts of the island- like a shipwreck off one coast, watched some whales swim by and then spent the afternoon in the pool.

And the next day- we went to see Sweetheart Rock and I took a nap, Phil went for a hike and later he was very pleased that they allowed him to have snacks in the pool. The milkshake shots delivered every so often were also very nice. We talked. It's been awhile since we've had the time or energy. (I have to admit most of my energy this getaway maaay have been fueled by the Nespresso machine in the room- man I love those things- it totally reminds me of Europe, sigh, happy sigh) Although 2.5 days could not completely recharge us- it was direly direly needed. I suppose this is why people are so fanatical about these things called "weekends" and actually having them off. And these are people who don't have impending brain surgery.

I am ready to have this over and done with and get on with recovery. There are still the unknowns and wait and see how I will feel- just 2 days later. The anxiety is a real beast and I'm trying pretty unsuccessfully to not be a complete hulk. Thank you for hanging with us- going with the inevitably changing flow and keeping faith that everything happens for a reason and even though we may not know it- it will work out.


  1. Jenni! Is there a website where I can donate toward some dinners? Thinking of you and the family xoxo


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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