Tuesday, January 6, 2009

At least SOMEONE can sleep at the hospital...

Lily and I didn't sleep much last night, but Bella spent a good portion of her time at the hospital snoozin on the chair earlier that day.
Last night once the good meds wore off, Lily got uncomfortable and all we could get was tylenol which didn't do much. That's what I get for letting a resident make decisions. This morning I had the nurse page the surgeon and she Ok'd the heavy duty meds which made our day a little better. I'm not Ok with Lily hurting and neither was she. I think I may have actually growled at one of the aides when they came in to take vitals. Hopefully they thought I was snoring.....She was up on and off all night wimpering. It was tough. I think at one point the nurse and I exchanged a teary glance, although I forgot my glasses and my eyes were working overtime to keep my contacts happy...yeah that's it. She usually fell asleep again before the nurse got there to see her in pain, so it took quite awhile to get her pain managed. Plus we were on the fence if it was pain pain or gas pain because she let out a bit of a rumbly from her tumbly and that seemed to have brought relief for awhile. After all this is pretty new territory for us.
Miss Julie made Lily a special teddy who has a new "button" like Lily. That's what we call the access portion of the feeding tube. It looks like a quarter size button with a snap top lid. Lily got to clean it and put medicine in her teddy's. Then we had to clean Lily's button, and she was exceedingly brave for how tender it must have been. It kinda reminds me of cleaning around a newborn's belly button with a Q-tip. Similar concept if you think about it, really. Tonight Phil will be there for the first feeding lesson. Did I mention the Ick factor??? I know it will help when she starts throwing up again. She did eat a little on her own today and was doing pretty good taking her meds orally. And since she isn't a newborn, we don't have to pull back stomach contents- is it bad that that was the highlight of my day? That's completely untrue- I got a huge hug and snuggles as I was leaving. THAT was definitely the highlight. Plus Miss Julie always gets huge smiles from Lily, and it's nice to see them, even if they aren't directed at us!

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  1. They look like little angels. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. Love - Mom


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
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