Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day at the beach

Phil's squadron had a family beach day after drill today, so I packed up the kids for a little beach time. I briefed Lily that she could dip her feet in the water, but she couldn't get her button wet in the ocean cuz it was too dirty. So the first thing she does- after she hugs the first black bald guy she sees- who just happened NOT to be daddy- and who seemed very surprised to have a little bald child attached to his leg...was run directly to the beach. We finally extracted her from the sandy region with the help of Uncle Magoo, who Lily decided needed her companionship for the duration of the party. They played football, they sat on the wall and watched the sailboats, shared snacks and had an all around good time. Bella kept telling me she couldn't go in the water, it's too duuurty. Too duuurty. So I explained that Lily couldn't go in because of her button- but she could go in. That was all she needed- she was off to the water. Phillip won a game that involved wiggling a rubber band down your face- I can see the headlines now- 199th Fighter Squadron halts ops due to mass eye casualties involving rubber bands. Fortunately no one was injured and Phillip got a net for his wiggliness and proceeded to spend the afternoon hunting fish. Kiera required a photo shoot, and then could get down to business of digging holes in the sand.

It was a good outing. Lily's pretty wiped out from playing so hard- but it was good timing to get everyone out of the house before the next treatment.

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  1. Thank you Jen and Phil for bringing some of the normal into your lives. Thank you for not being afraid to LIVE. Uncle Magoo thank you for taking good care of Lily. Phillip "Way To Go!!!" and Kiera you look beautiful.. Thank goodness Bella got to enjoy the water. Love you all. Mom (Grandma)


Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)