Friday, June 19, 2009

It's 2 am.

I do not like 2 am. Or 2:30am or 2:45 am. I am pretty sure I will feel the same about the rest of the ams for the rest of the day. I knew Bella's late nap would bite me in the bootay.

She crashed on the couch shortly after 7. I worked dilligently towards getting the other children in bed, knowing that early to bed, early to rise. Lily, also having indulged in a late afternoon nap- was not feeling sleepy in the slightest. So I let her pick out a tv show and I start running a bath- for me. We have a discussion on how I would like to take a bath by myself, I don't want to hang out and chat or have a little fish hop in with me- it was mommy's quiet time. Ok mommy. Please just watch tv. Ok mommy.

3 seconds later...whatcha doing, you taken a bath? Yes, remember we talked about mom needing a few minutes of alone time. Oh, Ok mommy. You have fire? Yes, I lit some candles. Is that the smell? Yes, they smell. You are drinking in the bath? Yes, I do believe a glass of wine is indicated. Hmmm. Ok, bye mommy. 1 minute later.. in walks Lily with the mini Barbie piano blasting one of the prerecorded songs. You need some music. She moves to set it down out of reach- no thank you Lily- I like the quiet. She admonishes this declaration with a look of disgust. She quickly pushes the button to switch the song and declares she will turn the volume down. She then proceeds to park herself on the bathmat next to the tub and serenades me, off key with a rousing rendition of jingle bells... Which causes me to laugh to the point where tears are rolling down my cheeks and this somehow pleases her as she packs up her instrument and leaves- another job well done. And somehow that ranks as the best bath I have had in ages, go figure.

I get Lily squared away in bed and feel Bella, she's still warm- I think my night will be short so I rush off to get a few winks. By 130am, I hear Bella yelling for daddy. I wonder what that's about- there must be a monster involved- he's the resident monster checker these days. She is sitting on the edge of the bed and declares "I'm scared" as I feel her forehead. She's burning up- time for some more tylenol. I lay with her for awhile, she declares strange things- Like the fireworks scare her. I realize that she is awake and staring at me and in hopes of her not waking Lily with her chattering, we move downstairs. I pour her some juice and she requests macaroni and cheese. I am not making mac n cheese at 2 am. We can go to the store! Um no, short of sleeping, we are not going anywhere. Oh. Ok. The blinks are getting longer- I am hoping we will be off to bed soon. I can hope.

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Lily Kay Monkey

Lily Kay Monkey
November 2008 Photographed by Shelley Detton (7 Layer Studio)