Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 13 of 21. Snacks.

Last night we went to the Kroctoberfest. Octoberfest at the Kroc center- local community center.  Well Phil was detained at work and Lil Phillip hurt his back wrestling all 3 sisters at once on the stairs- so he decided to sit out the festivities.

I knew from the parking situation that the island effect would dominate this event. There aren't a lot of activities and if the word "free" is anywhere on the advertisement whether or not it is directly next to the word food- Hawaiians will be there.

As we got out of the car, we noticed movement along the curb. There was a mass exodus of caterpillars. It was a very strange sight. Big ones, little ones, green ones, brown ones, fuzzy ones, ones with the weird stubby legs. The girls were fascinated until they realized all the dots on the road were little caterpillars who didn't make it. The security guard actually laughed as he ran over them and they collectively gasped in horror.

We get inside the festival and make a bee line for the petting zoo. As we wait in line, I study the map and offerings. It's your usual fare- bouncy houses, carnival games- not the fancy kind- the toss a ball into a hula hoop kind. There is a bizarre pvc cage game that the line isn't to bad for. We will head there next. The petting zoo- although nice is a bit of a tease. There are about 3 dozen chicks and one girl who tells each kid- you can only pet them with one finger. One finger. I wish Phil was here. The jokes are bouncing around in my head.  My SIL arrives with her boys- I feel like a Debbie Downer because my sensibilities are offended by extensive lines for silly carnival games and the sheer number of people here. The cancer clock is ticking in my head- is this how you want to spend your time. It's such a fracking nag- but always there. You could be doing this- you should be doing that. Then I try to lighten the heck up and realize that I am spending time with the girls and that counts. 

I forgot that Bella will wait her butt in line for days if she wants something. One trip to Disney, the line to see Rapunzel was insane- but she was determined. The other kids went and rode rides and we waited and waited and waited. And how her little face lit up when she saw Rapunzel- well it was worth it. When Bell says she needs to go spin the wheel- I look at the line and say- really? Yep. SO we wait and we wait. I have her read the items on the wheel. Things like cookies, slushies, free guest pass. As we wait in line they announce they are officially out of food except kettle corn. It's 7 pm- I don't know what that means- and we are waiting in line to spin for something to wait in line to get the something (mostly food items)you just spun for. This could end poorly for us. 

We are one away from spinning when Lily and the others join us. Bella spins. She gets another spin. She spins again. It lands on free guest pass- he hands over the pass- It feels like a major victory. I let Lily take my spin. She also gets a free guest pass- I don't have to wait in line for food that is gone. I drag them home, after all we have an early soccer game in the morning and I am responsible for snacks. 

Somewhere over the past 11 years of parenting kids' sports- I've become really jaded about the blasted snacks. I am so over potluck, I.Can't . Even. So for an hour game- does a kid need a full brown bag lunch afterwards? Last week no one signed up. I in a fit of delirium mentioned to one mom I might try to bring. Well as usual- life got away from me. I sat down Friday night and decided I was not going to make myself insane- I had nothing around the house to even throw together- which says a lot because only 5 kids show up for the game. So I go online and sign up for the following week's game. Hoping others would see that and understand. In all fairness the game was an 11 o clock game- meaning we'd be done at noon- which is lunchtime- I'm not providing lunch for the team. Another team who is fundraising to go to Florida was selling musubis so one of the other parents bought one for each kid. It worked out. I felt judged. The team mom came over to talk to me. I threw down the cancer card. Sometimes you just have to. I sit in practice listening to how busy everyone is with their 2nd and 3rd kids and trying to get everybody to their activities. It's a full time job and they have to rely very much on their husbands to help transport kids.   I didn't bring snacks because I didn't make it to the store because I chose to nap so I 'd have enough energy to run my kids to their after school activities and feign this normal existence. I'm succeeding because unlike last time Bella played - I am not bald forcing people to actively ignore that something big is going on in our lives. And guess what? Last week everyone busted butt after the game because no one wanted to stay and help ref. Who reffed? Kiera. The team mom was awesome and supportive. 

So this week they got an orange and a granola bar and a gatorade. And I'm still not one of the cool moms and well that's ok. Bella won't remember what we brought for snack- she will remember that I was there. 

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Lily Kay Monkey
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