Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 16 of 21. Playing Around.

Last week my sister in law sent me a link to a theater camp this week on base. It's a traveling Children's Theatre Company from Missoula. They are doing Sleeping Beauty.  We don't really have any major commitments this week- I was going to schedule haircuts and dental cleanings- but held off to see how this played out.

I look online and there is good info on how the audition works, what to expect, and roughly the time frame. They travel around to different bases, doing these workshops for free for military kiddos. It's a great program, they have their routine down. It also seems to keep our afternoons free for already scheduled activities. Compact and efficient- this is how we roll. Ha. Not usually but it's what we strive for!

This weekend though- I finally get the call from physical therapy- my referral is in and I can start back therapizing. I normally do Tuesday mornings- but auditions are at 10- Phil overhears and points to the schedule- he is overnight alert Tuesday- he offers to take the girls. This is big- because he has sworn off all things drama related. But then I realize he is counting on going into work while they are auditioning, it will be interesting to see if it works out.

I finish therapy at the time the auditions start and text Phil to see how it looks and if he want me to relieve him. He simply texts yes. Ugh- he has to go into work. I head to base. The kids are just finishing counting off as I get there. 104 kids for less than 50 spots. There are gonna be quite a few disappointed kiddos. I'm not sure where mine will fall. I'm actually pretty impressed with all the kids- military kids are used to being uprooted and introducing themselves, reinventing themselves at times. McGuyvering through all kinds of new cities, schools, cultures. It shows.  Even some of the tiny ones have these big booming voices.

I'm nervous for the girls. Hopeful for the opportunity. Lily gets singled out and moves lines. I think that's a good sign. I just don't know.  I'm worried Bella won't make it and I'm already planning activities we can do while the other girls are in rehearsal. And then I get mad at myself for being a crazy drama mama. Lily heads down the aisle. She is on her way to the bathroom and I keep myself firmly planted in my seat. The urge to go and chat with her is strong but I resist. I'm gonna let them be them. If nothing else- this already is a good experience. The directors are encouraging and really explaining to the kids what they want. It is very straightforward. I like straightforward. There are a lot of politics everywhere. It gets old- these guys are here to bring theatre to kids and you can tell they enjoy what they do. I'm sure a week in Hawaii has it's perks too!

They are running the 3rd and fourth round of lines. Kiera gets moved. I think that is good. I have no idea. We are new to this. They do round and round and round of row row row your boat- I told the girls there probably wouldn't be singing- I know I'll hear about this. Lily gets picked with another girl to sing together, alone. They get moved back a line.  I have no idea what this means. I can't believe people do this for a living- the stress alone- aaaaagh.  They are back in Kiera's lines- running lines and ask them to sing the word sing. All the girls pick high notes. Kiera has a bit of a deeper voice- she doesn't go high but she uses vibrato. Right there. All those voice lessons- she just pulled out a tool to set herself apart- even if she doesn't get a role- I'm proud that she stuck to her and didn't try to do what they all did. Bella asks to go to the bathroom. She waves at me as she skips by. When she returns they have shuffled the lines again and her spot is gone- I'm pretty sure the director just sits her down where she asked him. . We can go to the BX and maybe the commissary. We could even head over to the NEX.

It is so hard when people make plans around us and we are still week to week. It's hard when there is the clock- constantly ticking in your subconscious. We are Constantly triaging and prioritizing and finding a way and letting things go and letting normal go and realizing there are so many roles you will just never fit in because of the cards you are dealt. Committing to a production that might run in 3 months is a stress- the planning. I can totally handle this,  a one week chunk. It's not even a full week.

They send the kids offstage and it's about the time they said they'd be wrapping up. Sticking to schedule? This is new and different. You can already spot THOSE parents- sneaking closer with their iPhones ready to film every second.  I'm in the last row hoping my heart doesn't pound out of my chest and there aren't tears to deal with. It's a drama camp for the love of all that is good.

The first group is called up- it's the tiny kids. So cute. They move on to the next age group. The call Lily- she's a cook. One down. Oh that probably means Bella didn't make it. We could go to the park, or watch the jets take off. Wait did they just call Bella? They called Bella. She's a musician! She's beaming- she didn't think she made it either. Then they are on to the next group. They call Kiera- she's a fairy godmother. They call up the leads and there is much crying in the audience.  So many little kids. The directors encourage them all to continue to audition. Parents are already buzzing- there aren't enough roles, there are too many roles, some are following their children around in video mode. We have 20 minutes before Kiera needs to be back for rehearsal- I also have to rearrange my board meeting which I will no longer be available for. We grab Kiera a burger and call Phil to see if he can break away for lunch- he cannot- but we can join him for lunch. Some days that's a huge win! So we go grab burritos and hang out with him for lunch. It was one of those exhausting days that totally didn't go as planned but turned out ok. It could have gone either way. I'm grateful things kinda sorta fell into place today.

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Lily Kay Monkey
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